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15 March 2018

JUVENEX was present in Cinegética 2018

The experience of Juvenex in Madrid this year has been very positive for the participation of children and young people in their booth. The presence of this association on the trade fair focused on two main objectives: to promote the crafts parallel to the hunting industry within the rural development, as are the taxidermy or the art of carving the horn, and encourage the consumption of game meat.
8 March 2018

Cárnicas DIBE in Cinegética, Madrid

The last weekend Cárnicas Dibe was in the Fair of Cinegética, Madrid. There, Raúl Sanchez commented to hunting and Safari how it is the market of game meat.
9 January 2018

The Hunting Meat market and the because of their prices

Hunting from within… The meat of animals hunted in Spain is processed by the meat industry and used for consumption. In the last few seasons, this type of meat has undergone a substantial increase in its price. What is due? What are the main markets that consume it? The price of game meat could continue to rise? Raul Sanchez de Castro, manager of Cárnicas Dibe, answers to our questions.
18 December 2017

Cárnicas Dibe about the game meat to supermarkets

Hunting from within… Cárnicas Dibe is a specialized industry in game meat that currently employs more than 160 people.
From summer until the end of winter are working hard to cater to the homes and restaurants of many European countries.
14 November 2017


Venison fillet with red wine sauce