"We try to be different to others and we adapt to the customer"

Raúl Sánchez de Castro, granted an interview to the newspaper Hoy and takes us "We try to be different to others and we adapt to the customer"

Badajoz. More than three decades forged by forced of tradition and love for Extremadura the history of what began as a humble dream and today is a reality as a family business. Cárnicas Dibe S. L. was born in the year 1979. In the region of Extremadura settled in 2008 and his manager is Raúl Sánchez de Castro.
"With that philosophy was born this company?
We are born of a small butcher shop that my mother inherited from my great-grandmother with 16 years at retirement. My father, worker of Telefónica in the decade of the 70, comes from father and grandfather butcher, so they decided that it was best to focus on this sector. And so it all began. Little by little, with a lot of hard work, effort and sacrifice, we have grown up to today.

What facilities do you have?
We have a facilities of more than 4,000 square meters, which were inaugurated in 2008 in El Gordo, province of Cáceres. Are modern facilities where we have all production lines, machinery and technology that we need to ensure that our products meet the quality standards that we want.

- What products do you offer?
We work mainly meat, but also bull, sheep, pigs and beef. Hunting is the 70% of the volume of business, but we should seek other alternatives to be hunting an activity that does not generate work the whole year. We offer all kinds of fresh and frozen meat, cold cuts, sausages and hams, as well as from
white and Iberian pork.

"Why are characterized?
There is only one way. To be the best in attention, in service, in quality and health guarantee. We have a team of 120 workers, led by young people, dynamic and enthusiastic, who work with joy and enthusiasm for what they do. This is the basis of our company. We always try to give you the best service and attention to customers and suppliers; to create the best product according to the quality / price ratio. We try to be different to others and we adapt to all the requirements that we can raise a customer, but always maintaining the quality and guarantee of our products.

"Until what places your products and production arrived?
We serve our products all over Spain and Europe as a whole, by several countries in Asia and some of Africa and America. Each product has its market and we ship to any
remote point from both continents. How curious case I can say that until Georgia send wild boar sausages with great acceptance in the market. The annual production can be in five million kilograms of meat.

"Arise to reach other markets?
Our idea is to continue to grow and looking for niches in different markets. To any corner of the world the products that we manufacture in DIBE is a great satisfaction and we will need to continue to work on this. We will never be able to supply limits where what we manufacture.

"The challenges faced by the sector of the hunt?
The game currently lives with a few high prices in the field, although there are represented at the same level in the sale in Europe. It is true that there is a tendency for prices to rise in recent months and with a very significant increase in the deer. Let us hope that the market and the consumer can assimilate these high prices of purchase.

The game needs a boost, you have to make known their virtues and characteristics and sell what it really is: healthy, natural, healthy, rich in protein and low in fat.
- What can be done to increase the consumption of this type of meat?
From Asiccaza working to eliminate the obstacles in the game, encourage consumption and speak of all the virtues you have. It is a long and slow process, but I think that the objectives will be achieved. It is basic and necessary for people to learn about the benefits of these meats and break the fear of its consumption.