A study has shown the importance of hunting to control the population of the wild boar

A study has shown the importance of hunting to control the population of the wild boar


Last week began the season of hunting wild boar in Aragon which will last until the fourth week of February. An activity that has a special focus on the Alto Aragón where each year about 15,000 wild boars. The high number of these animals is concerned because it is necessary to control the population by the major cause, both in agriculture and in traffic accidents.

The season is presented with good expectations, according to the experts, and with a few novelties in the Hunting Law of Aragon. It is an important economic resource in many areas of the province of Huesca, one of the most activity generates with  Wild boar hunting.

Region of Sobrarbe, Ribagorza, Somontano and Hoya de Huesca are areas where more damage have occurred in recent years in the crops and, therefore, have been trying to find measures to avoid the presence of wild boars.

With regard to traffic accidents, a high percentage of those produced in Aragon during these months are caused by species, such as the wild boar, with a figure that can reach up to 300 incidents throughout the Community, the vast majority in the province of Huesca.

The basic rules you should know any hunter highlight some how to make a listing when the hunting is carried out in a group, signalling the clay courts, and to the maximum security measures in the waiting. In addition, the Aragonese Health Service warns of the risks of consuming wild boar meat that is not analyzed by a veterinarian, as there is a risk of Trichina.

A study recently published by the European Journal of Wildlife Research highlights the role of the regular hunting for wild boar population in Spain. The research, carried out by scientists at the University of Barcelona and rescued by the Myhuntbook social network for hunters, shows that hunting is the most effective means to control the population of these species.

Researchers have measured the impact of hunting in the wild boar population. To do this, data has been collected on the animals killed in the northwest of Spain, being the area with the highest number of specimens of this species. The study reveals that in spite of the fact that the hunting of wild boars has increased in recent years, its population has increased 20% in these territories. This suggests that were it not for the activity, the number of copies would increase in an uncontrolled way.

This overpopulation is a major problem for the sustainability of the environment and the economy of those territories, resulting in damage to agriculture. In addition, it becomes a risk to the integrity of the people who live in these areas that is reflected, for example, in the increase of traffic accidents on the roads by collisions with animals.


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